About us

This service was developed with the main purpose of helping users to easily compress and reduce the size of a video file, so that they can more easily share it via email or in social network services (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp). We have created this service trying to make it as simple as possible to use even for the less experienced users, and able to quickly compress the uploaded video files (we hope we succeeded).

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The use of this service is completely free for anyone, you don't have to pay any money and you can compress an unlimited number of video files every day (obviously you should use the service ethically). If you convert more than 15 videos within an hour, you will be asked to insert a captcha, this is to prevent our service from being used by automatic bots.

Video Rendering

Do you like this service and want to help us? You can do this simply by sharing our website with your friends and in social networks. Remember that our service is completely free and we don't ask you anything in return, while for you just a simple click is enough to help us ☺