How it works

Are you curious to know how this video compression service works? It's very simple, to begin with you have to select the video file you want to compress (the maximum supported file size is 500 MB) by clicking on the "Browse..." button. If you want you can also reduce the width of the video through the appropriate option, so as to further reduce the size of the video file. Then just click on the "Upload File" button and wait for the video file to be first uploaded and then compressed by our service.

During this process you do not have to close the browser window (this is very important), if you want to visit other websites you just need to open a new "tab" or a new window of the web browser. Depending on the speed of your Internet bandwidth and the traffic of users in our service, it may take a few seconds or a few minutes to complete the procedure. Upon completion, you will be shown a link to download the new compressed video and also a link in red color to be able to manually remove the file from our server, without waiting for 6 hours of automatic removal.

Video files are compressed in our servers. This means that the video file is processed inside our servers and not on your computer. By doing this you will not notice any system slowdown and you will be able to continue working on your computer without problems while our servers compress your video file. You don't even need to install any third party applications or add-ons on your computer, just use any web browser.

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